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 D-Link DAP-2610 Wireless AC1300 Wave2 Dual-Band PoE Access Point - Upto 1300Mbps Wireless LAN Indoor Access Point - Compatible w

Precio: 105.88EUR 74.10EUR
Precio total: 89.66


Wireless AC1300 Wave 2 Dual-Band Access Point

Nota: fuente de alimentación no incluida. Pensado para alimentación PoE con inyector no incluido (recomendable modelo 802.3af gigabit como DPE-101GI)

The DAP-2610 Wireless AC1300 Wave 2 Dual-Band PoE Access Point is designed to support small to medium business or enterprise environments by providing network administrators with secure and manageable dual-band wireless LAN options, and utilizing the cutting-edge speed of Wireless AC.

Blazing Wireless Wave 2 AC Performance
The DAP-2610 delivers reliable, high-speed wireless performance using the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 standard with maximum wireless signal rates of up to 400 Mbps (256-QAM) over the 2.4 GHz band, and 900 Mbps over the 5 GHz band1. This, coupled with support for the Wi-Fi Multimedia™ (WMM) Quality of Service (QoS) feature, makes it an ideal access point for audio, video, and voice applications. When enabled, QoS allows the DAP-2610 to automatically prioritize network traffic according to the level of interactive streaming, such as HD movies or VoIP. The QoS feature can be adjusted through the DAP-2610 web GUI using a drop-down menu to select customized priority rules. Additionally, the DAP-2610 supports load balancing to ensure maximum performance by limiting the maximum number of users per access point.

Versatile Access Point Functionality
The DAP-2610 allows network administrators to deploy a highly manageable and extremely robust simultaneous dual-band wireless network. The DAP-2610 can provide optimal wireless coverage over either the 2.4 GHz (802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n) or the 5 GHz (802.11a, 802.11n, and 802.11ac) bands. The DAP-2610 can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or placed on a desktop to meet any wireless demands. For advanced installations, the DAP-2610 has integrated 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, allowing the device to be installed in areas where power outlets are not readily available.

To help maintain a secure wireless network, the DAP-2610 supports both Personal and Enterprise versions of WPA and WPA2 (802.11i), with support for RADIUS server backend and a built-in internal RADIUS server allowing users to create their accounts within the device itself. This access point also includes MAC address filtering, wireless LAN segmentation, SSID broadcast disable, rogue AP detection, and wireless broadcast scheduling for further protection of your wireless network. The DAP-2610 includes support for up to eight VLANs per band, allowing multiple SSIDs to be implemented and further segment users on the network. It also includes a wireless client isolation mechanism, which limits direct client-to-client communication. Additionally, the DAP-2610 supports Network Access Protection (NAP), a feature of Windows Server® 2008, allowing network administrators to define multiple levels of network access based on individual client’s needs.

Multiple Operation Modes
To maximize total return on investment, the DAP-2610 can be configured to optimize network performance based on any one of its multiple operation modes: Access Point, Wireless Distribution System (WDS), a WDS with Access Point, and Wireless Client. With WDS support, network administrators can set up multiple DAP-2610s throughout a facility and configure them to bridge with one another, while also providing network access to individual clients. The DAP-2610 also features advanced features such as load balancing and redundancy, for fail-safe wireless connectivity.

Network Management
Network administrators have multiple options for managing the DAP-2610, including Web (HTTP), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure Shell (SSH), and Telnet. For advanced network management, administrators can use the D-Link Central Wi-Fi Manager to configure and manage multiple access points from a single location. In addition, the D-Link Central Wi-Fi Manager provides network administrators with the means of conducting regular maintenance checks remotely, eliminating the need for sending out personnel to physically verify proper operation. The DAP-2610 also has a wireless scheduling feature, turning off wireless functionality when it is not needed to save power. With simultaneous dual-band functionality, PoE support, extensive manageability, versatile operation modes, and solid security enhancements, the DAP-2610 provides small to medium business and enterprise environments with a business-class solution for deploying a wireless network.


Device Interfaces

•1 IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wave2 wireless             

•1 Gigabit LAN (supports PoE)


 • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac                                                                 • IEEE 802.3u/ab                                                                                                                                                                                                         • IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)                         • IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet


 • 2  internal dual-band   3dBi omni antennas


• 2.4 GHz band : 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz                                    

• 5 GHz band :5.15 to 5.35 GHz, 5.47 to 5.85 GHz

Maximum Output Power

• 20dBm for 2.4 GHz                                                            • 20 dBm for 5 GHz

Data Signal Rate

• 2.4 GHz                                                                            • 5 GHz                        

• Up to 400 Mbps                                                              • Up to 867 Mbp



• WPA - Personal                                                                    • SSID broadcast disable

• WPA - Enterprise                                                                  • MAC address access control

• WPA2 - Personal                                                                  • Network Access Protection (NAP)

• WPA2 - Enterprise                                                                • Internal RADIUS server

• WEP 64 / 128 - bit encryption

Network Management

• Telnet                                                                                • Traffi ccontrol

• Secure Telnet (SSH)                                                      • SNMP v1 / v2c / v3

• Web (HTTP)                                                                     • D-Link Central Wi-Fi Manager

• Secure Socket Layer (SSL)                                           • AP Array


• Power / status



• 170 x 170 x 28mm (6.69 x 6.69 x 1.1 inches)


• 314g (0.69 lbs) without mounting base                                       • 370.6g (0.82 lbs) with mounting base

Power Supply

• External power adapter : 12V/1A                                                    • IEEE 802.3 af PoE

Maximum Power Consumption

• 12W


• Operating : 0 to 40°C (32 to104°F)                                                 • Storage : -20 to 65°C (-4 to149°F)


• Operating :10% to 90% non-condensing                                     • Storage : 5% to 95% non-condensing

Meantime Between Failure (MTBF)

• > 30,000 hours


• FCC                                                                                  • UL

• IC                                                                                      • Wi-Fi® Certified

• CE4


D-Link DAP-2610 Wireless AC1300 Wave2 Dual-Band PoE Access Point - Upto 1300Mbps Wireless LAN Indoor Access Point - Compatible w

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