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NotificacionesNotifiqueme de cambios a Lancom LANCOM 1906VA (WW, over POTS) LANCOM 1906VA (over POTS, ADSL Annex A/M) without IEC power cord, country- specific IEC pow
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 Lancom LANCOM 1906VA (WW, over POTS) LANCOM 1906VA (over POTS, ADSL Annex A/M) without IEC power cord, country- specific IEC pow
[LANCOM 1906VA (WW, over POTS)]

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LANCOM 1906VA (WW, over POTS)
Dual-VDSL VPN router with two integrated VDSL modems for up to 200 Mbps– ideal for load balancing and professional telephony

Nota: la versión internacional (WW) no incluye cable IEC con enchufe tipo europeo.

Powerful dual VDSL VoIP router with 2x VDSL2 vectoring (ADSL Annex A/M), 1x SFP / TP, 1x WAN Ethernet, VCM / SBC, load balancing, 4x analog, IPSec VPN (25 channels / opt. 50

This high-end router for the first time combines two VDSL modems into a single device, providing unbeatable performance on All-IP connections. Load balancing distributes the data transmission of the various digital applications across all of the available connections, thus maximizing the available bandwidth. With up to 50 secure VPN channels, fiber optics, telephony features, and SD-WAN via the LANCOM Management Cloud, the LANCOM 1906VA leaves nothing to be desired.

Two integrated VDSL2 Vectoring modems, 1x SFP/TP, 1x WAN Ethernet
Load balancing for the parallel operation of several Internet access connections and maximization of the available bandwidth.
25 simultaneous IPSec VPN connections (50 optional)
Network virtualization with up to 64 networks on one device (ARF)
SD-WAN – automatic VPN and VLAN configuration via the LANCOM Management Cloud
2x ISDN S0 (TE/NT + NT), 4x analog (internal) / fax
Professional telephony features thanks to integrated LANCOM VCM (Voice Call Manager) / SBC (session border controller)
Full-metal housing for mounting in a 19" rack and integrated 230V power supply



VDSL2 compliant with ITU G.993.2, profiles 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a
VDSL2 vectoring compliant with ITU G.993.5
ADSL2+ over POTS as per ITU G.992.5 Annex A/M with DPBO, ITU G.992.3 and ITU.G.992.1 (POTS)
Supports per modem one virtual ATM circuit (VPI, VCI pair) at a time

2 VDSL / ADSL2+ modems integrated

WAN: Ethernet
10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet

Ethernet ports
6 individual 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports, 2 of them are set to WAN; up to 3 ports can be operated as additional WAN ports.
Ethernet ports can be electrically disabled within LCOS configuration. The ports support energy saving according to IEEE 802.3az

SFP slot
Slot for Small Form-factor Pluggable Gigabit Ethernet transceivers ('mini-GBIC'). Compatible to optional LANCOM SFP modules for
fiber connections over short distances (SX) or long distances (LX). By default a WAN port that can be configured as a LAN port

Port configuration
Each Ethernet port can be freely configured (LAN, DMZ, WAN, monitor port, off). LAN ports can be operated as a switch or separately.
Additionally, external DSL modems or termination routers can be operated as a WAN port with load balancing and policy-based routing.
DMZ ports can be operated with their own IP address range without NAT

USB 2.0 host port
USB 2.0 hi-speed host port for connecting USB printers (USB print server), serial devices (COM port server), USB data storage (FAT file
system); bi-directional data exchange is possible

4x internal FXS ports (Analog1, Analog2, Analog3, Analog4) each for one analog device

Serial Interface

Serial configuration interface / COM port (RJ45): 9,600 - 115,000 baud


Advantages Multi-WAN
The LANCOM 1906VA is a top router with two integrated VDSL modems for up to 200 Mbps. And that's not all: Thanks to its SFP port it operates directly at high-speed fiber-optic connections. It also works with any external DSL or cable modem via WAN Ethernet.

Load Balancing
The LANCOM 1906VA allows multiple Internet access connections to be operated in parallel, with load balancing ensuring that the available bandwidth is used to maximum effect. With the combined operation of 2x VDSL and fiber optics, it provides unsurpassed availability. The LANCOM 1906VA thus offers the ultimate in future proofing for performance-hungry IT applications.

Awarding-winning LANCOM VPN
The LANCOM 1906VA offers high levels of security. The standard equipment of 25 IPSec VPN channels guarantees strong encryption, secure connections for mobile employees, and protection of corporate data. The LANCOM VPN option upgrades the router to support 50 VPN channels. By the way: Our VPN solutions are award winners! In the techconsult Professional User Rating 2017, they received the “Champion” award in the category “Virtual Private Networks”.

Advanced Routing & Forwarding
The LANCOM 1906VA provides up to 64 securely isolated IP contexts, each of which has its own separate routing. This is an elegant way of operating IP applications with one central router and keeping the different communication channels securely separated from one another.

Radically simplified configuration with SD-WAN
In combination with the LANCOM Management Cloud, the LANCOM 1906VA opens the way for automated management. The software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) enables the automatic setup of secure VPN connections between sites, including network virtualization across the wide-area network: A few mouse clicks is all it takes to enable the VPN function and select the required VLANs for each site. The laborious configuration of individual tunnel endpoints is no longer required at all.

Continued use of existing ISDN and analog components
The LANCOM 1906VA translates between ISDN, analog and VoIP. Along with the latest VoIP equipment, you can continue to operate your existing ISDN and analog components without having to replace them. Even after switching to the new All-IP connection, this cost-saving solution conveniently and professionally integrates your ISDN and analog components. It is also possible to operate a combination of analog, ISDN and VoIP PBX devices directly at the LANCOM router.

Professional telephony with the LANCOM VCM (Voice Call Manager)
The LANCOM Voice Call Manager is already integrated into the LANCOM 1906VA and provides a wide range of telephony functions. It handles the telephony management and controls all of the PBX components and functions of the router. Furthermore, it enables the easy integration of DECT telephones by autoprovisioning with the LANCOM DECT 510 IP base station.

Integrated session border controller
The LANCOM Voice Call Manager provides the functions of a session border controller: This ensures that external (unsecure) and internal (secure) networks are kept separate. Also, voice packets are given preference (Quality of Service) thanks to bandwidth reservation, which ensures a high call quality. In addition, the VCM as a SIP proxy enables the professional management of signaling and voice data for high security in the set up, implementation and teardown of telephone conversations, including any protocol conversion by means of transcoding.

Premium full-metal housing
The LANCOM 1906VA comes in a high-quality full-metal housing with integrated 230V power supply. Thanks to the mounting system, it is easy to install in a 19" rack—with connection ports redirected to the front, it is quick and easy to work with.

What is load balancing?
Load balancing distributes network data traffic evenly between the Internet connections. This ensures that data links are divided between at least two connections, so that even if one line fails, the other one acts as a backup.

Application scenario with two clients

Two clients are connected to the Internet via a 1900-series router (2x 100 Mbps VDSL). Both clients are able to communicate with the Internet at the same speed (each at 100 Mbps) as the load balancer integrated into the router evenly distributes the data load between the two VDSL Internet lines (1 & 2). This ensures the maximum utilization of the available 200 Mbps for a significant increase in network efficiency.

Application scenario: VPN load balancing

The integrated load balancer makes it easy to bundle multiple IKEv2 VPN connections into a load-balancing cluster. Be it in combination with a LANCOM router, a central-site VPN gateway, or the innovative LANCOM vRouter: The load of data traffic is more evenly balanced and the system has redundancy. The combination significantly increases the VPN bandwidth available for multiple clients. You can find more information in our KB article.
VPN Load Balancing-LANCOM-1906VA

Application scenario: Load balancing with two All-IP lines

Thanks to the integrated VCM and SBC, the LANCOM 1906VA(-4G) devices are ideal for seamless migration from ISDN/analog to All-IP. SIP lines can be bound to the any of the Internet connections (All-IP line 1 or 2). The load balancer is used to distribute the Internet traffic.

Maximum agility with LANCOM SD-WAN
Get set with SD-WAN! Benefit from LANCOM SD-WAN and our holistic approach to gain even more agility in handling your site connectivity. Replace your traditional, static and manually configured network infrastructure by an automated, software-defined WAN. Learn more here.



Lancom LANCOM 1906VA (WW, over POTS) LANCOM 1906VA (over POTS, ADSL Annex A/M) without IEC power cord, country- specific IEC pow

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