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NotificacionesNotifiqueme de cambios a Lancom LANCOM IAP-321 Dual Band 802.11n WLAN Access Point with Gigabit / Fast Ethernet; operations with WLAN controller or stand
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 Lancom LANCOM IAP-321 Dual Band 802.11n WLAN Access Point with Gigabit / Fast Ethernet; operations with WLAN controller or stand

Precio: 530.33EUR
Precio total: 641.70



  • Dual-band access point with 2 x 2 MIMO and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Discreet design with IP-50 durability
  • Intelligent anti- theft protection, ideal for highly frequented public buildings
  • Extended temperature range from -20º C to +50º C suitable even for harsh environments
  • Flexible power supply: 12V power supply unit, universal power adapter, or PoE
  • Incl. mounting materials for wall, mast or top-hat rail installation

The LANCOM IAP-321 meets the highest standards both in wireless LAN performance and in terms of housing design. This dual-band 802.11n access point features MIMO technology for high data rates. The support of VLAN and Multi-SSID makes it the right choice for virtualized networks. The LANCOM IAP-321 is a true all- rounder: It has a fullmetal housing of subdued design and fitted with an intelligent Kensington lock for anti- theft protection. This makes it ideal for highly frequented areas such as hotels, universities, or public buildings. The LANCOM IAP- 321 can also be employed in areas such as unheated warehouses and production facilities: The unit is dust-proof to the IP-50 protection rating and operates in a temperature range from -20°C to +50°C. In combination with the three options for mounting and the three different power supply types, this device offers unparalleled flexibility.

More security.
LANCOM guarantees you communications with the highest standards of security with an extensive range of encryption and authentication mechanisms. With the aid of Multi- SSID and protocol filters, up to 8 different user groups can each be assigned different levels of security. VLAN technology, matured quality- of- service functions and bandwidth limitation enable the reliable transmission of video and multimedia data streams.

More Management.

The free LANCOM Management System LCMS allows the status and functions of the LANCOM IAP 321 and the entire network to be controlled at all times. For example, it is possible

to check whether the access points are transmitting and, if so, on which channels, how much data each one is sending, which clients are logged in and where, what encryption

method is active, and a whole lot more. The LANCOM Management System also helps you to optimize performance over wireless bridges.

For larger installations, the LANCOM IAP- 321 can be completely controlled by the LANCOM WLAN Controller. Settings for wireless, encryption, or access- control lists can be grouped

into device configurations, which are then executed for multiple access points in one easy move. Access points are commissioned and RF optimization carried out automatically.

Changes are transmitted to all of the devices automatically and subsequently monitored.

The LANCOM IAP- 321 also supports TACACS+. Using the AAA protocol ("authentication, authorization, accounting") it is possible to track all activities relating to the configuration

of the access point.

More reliability for the future.

From the very start, LANCOM products are designed for a product life of several years. They are equipped with hardware dimensioned for the future. Even reaching back to older product generations, updates to the LANCOM Operating System–LCOS–are available several times a year, free of charge and offering major features. LANCOM offers unbeatable protection of your investment!

Lancom LANCOM IAP-321 Dual Band 802.11n WLAN Access Point with Gigabit / Fast Ethernet; operations with WLAN controller or stand

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