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Netgear AirCard AC762S is a modem / WiFi router with support for 4G networks offered by the proposed transfer of the operators. And possible to connect to 10 devices to the Internet and surf with LTE, thanks to the WiFi network generated by the AirCard.

The pocket modem to connect many devices to the Internet over 3G, creating a personal WiFi network, are not new. All operators offer them for years, usually in combination with Sim and traffic included in accordance with various offers. The novelty of the proposal is that Netgear AirCard AC762S reliable vendors like Netgear offer free transfer from your device offers operators and 4G/LTE connectivity, currently the fastest mobile workers.

The device is still sold with the parameters of the best-known operators pre-configured, so that the user remains. However, only by having to insert the Sim and sign up for a traffic 4G/LTE to navigate not only with your own computer, but also with smartphones, iPods, tablets of all kinds, even if they do not support 3G and LTE, because it will exploit the WiFi network generated by AirCard also available digital camera to send photos immediately in the office or friends. AirCard compared to USB keys, suggestions for browsing from PCs, obviously has the advantage of not needing a USB port to work, and with the WiFi network generated can be used on a virtually unlimited number of devices (up to 10 to time).

Think, for example, when you go on vacation. Just place the AirCard into a room to be able to connect your laptop, your smartphone and the tablet and thus save on 3G traffic will have access to a WiFi network and complete faster. AirCard 762S is even more exploitable information workers in mobility with a single Sim will give connectivity to all their devices.

When 4G/LTE connectivity is not present AirCard AC762S works equally climbing to the fastest available (3G 2G and eventually, of course, with consequent degradation of performance).

Netgear AirCard AC762S does not require the installation of software. The user controls all the parameters from the display, or via the device’s IP address, as always happens with this type of portable modem, or better yet with the dedicated app can be downloaded from App Store, Google Play and also Amazon Appstore. The app has the same name Netgear AirCard. The Wifi network generated by AirCard complies with 802.11 b / g / n with download speed up to 100 Mbps and 50 Mbps upload. Under good coverage do not have problems even in the view streaming. In the modem, there is also room for a microSD card. Files loaded on the card are immediately available on the network for all devices connected to the Wifi network, regardless of the operator’s coverage area.


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