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 Netgear NMS2500-10000S Licencia NMS200 para 500 dispositivos

Precio: 9,623.76EUR
Precio total: 11,644.75


Netgear NMS250-10000S Licencia NMS200 para 500 dispositivos


The NETGEAR Network Management System NMS200 allows for smarter management of NETGEAR infrastructures. Powerful, scalable, and simple to use, this management platform is installed and ready to use in a matter of minutes. NMS200 offers a single console for extensive visibility, granular control, and seamless automation across the entire network. By normalizing how the infrastructure is discovered, configured and monitored, administrators can save time, reduce errors, and increase operational efficiency.

Discovery and Mapping
NMS200 automatically discovers all NETGEAR compatible equipment, interfaces, physical and logical connectivity, using various protocols and centralized credentials. NMS200 periodically “re-syncs” with the environment to ensure accurate network integrity. IT administrators can maintain a complete inventory of NETGEAR managed infrastructure and easily view the network environment in the customizable topology viewer. The NETGEAR Network Management System displays the network logically and geographically – enabling IT teams to see conditions as they occur and gain additional network knowledge by drilling down in detail with a mouse click to sub-components and logical connections.

NMS200 configuration management capabilities let administrators automatically maintain, back-up, restore, and compare network device configurations, eliminating the inefficiency and errors associated with manual configuration. Using an easy-to-use graphical user interface, administrators can configure devices, save, and update configuration data with direct access. The NETGEAR Network Management System also centralizes firmware/OS management: firmware versions can be deployed to individual devices or groups of devices, based on a schedule.

The NMS200’s built-in monitors accurately collect and analyze real-time health-affecting conditions and performance metrics for NETGEAR managed equipment, indicating current and historical performance. The NMS200 provides graphical dashboards for key device performance indicators as well as service performance metrics, to consistently ensure the network is meeting the expectations. Based on pre-defined and user-defined criteria, the management platform escalates appropriate issues as alarms via multiple notification methods – the Alarm Viewer, via email or pager, to 3rd-party systems, etc. System-initiated operations such as script-execution, configuration backups and/or restorations can be automatically triggered, while NMS200 displays dependable and filterable record of all events and alarms that have occurred in the environment, for troubleshooting and remediation purposes.


OS Support
  • Windows Server 2003 32/64-bit
  • Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit
  • Windows XP 32-bit
  • Windows Vista® 32/64-bit
  • Windows 7 32/64-bit

GUI-based Installation

  • Automated (single server deployment - Windows)

Configurable Installation Location

  • Default install directory/path can be changed by user during installation process

Management Interface Support

  • SNMP v1/v2/v3
  • CLI: Telnet/SSH


Automated Device Discovery

  • Automated device discovery -- includes top-level, subcomponents and interfaces/ ports as applicable

Automated Link Discovery

  • Ethernet link discovery with LLDP

Discovery Protocol support

  • LLDP Support

Discovery Scheduling

  • Ability to schedule discovery tasks to be executed at specified time/date(s) in the future

Device Resynchronization

  • System resynchronization with device inventory

Device Resynchronization Scheduling

  • Ability to schedule device resynchronization to be executed at a specified time/ dates(s) in the future

SNMP MIB Browser

  • Includes SNMP MIB browser for users to quickly view attributes of all MIBs in device



Topology Mapping

  • Geographic and logical topology views, including filtering

Event Monitoring

  • SNMP trap reception with defined trap attribution, severity and descriptions

Alarm Escalation

  • Alarm generation based on pre-defined event definitions

Alarm Propagation

  • Alarm propagation to alarm viewer and topology views

Alarm/Event Actions

  • Event/alarm-initiated pre- or user-defined actions: notification, configuration operations, etc.

Device Performance Key Metrics

  • Real-time key performance metric collection and display for interfaces/ports of selected devices

Active Performance Monitoring

  • Device & interface monitoring, historical data persistence, thresholding & graphing Canned Reports
  • Pre-defined reports for inventory, availability, port status, etc.



Configuration File Backup

  • Device configuration file backup for applicable devices; 1:1 and 1:Many, immediately or scheduled

Configuration File Restoration

  • Device configuration file restoration for applicable devices; 1:1, immediately or scheduled

Device Firmware Update

  • Automated deployment of selected version of firmware, immediately or scheduled

Firmware Pre-load

  • Firmware versions may be pre-loaded into the application

Configuration File Comparison

  • Color-coded, line-adjusted text comparison of two selected devices or stored files

Device configuration

  • Direct access/cut-through (HTTP/Telnet/SSH)



Fully Managed Switches

  • FSM726-300
  • GSM7224-200
  • GSM7248-200
  • GSM7228PS
  • GSM7252PS
  • GSM7328FS
  • GSM7328S-200
  • GSM7352S-200




  • NETGEAR 90-day Warranty

Technical Support

  • Basic technical support within 90 days from the date of NMS200 License(s) purchase
  • Basic technical support within 90 days from the date of supported NETGEAR devices purchase
  • Basic and Advanced technical support when NETGEAR Managed devices are covered by the ProSupport OnCall 24x7 service contract

500-device license pack – NMS2500

  • SKU: NMS2500-10000S

License pack utilization

  • Device license packs are electronic keys
  • Each electronic key needs to be redeemed at

Licensing information

  • Device licenses can be mixed and matched
  • 5-device built-in capability is intended for testing only
  • The first device license will reset the NMS200 device counter
  • For instance, the first NMS250 license will reset NMS200 device counter to 50 managed devices – additional device licenses are incremental


  • Free NMS200 v2.x minor upgrades included


Netgear NMS2500-10000S Licencia NMS200 para 500 dispositivos

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