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Business Central
Business Central is a secure, cloud based IT service platform designed to provide small to mid-sized organizations with an affordable way to establish, provision and manage key IT networking services. Effortlessly. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Business Central provides enterprise-grade service levels with sophisticated client load balancing and redundancy to ensure maximum uptime while minimizing capital cost expenditures.

Introducing Wireless Manager
Manage your entire wi-fi network across multiple borders, cities, buildings and floors, securely through the cloud with Business Central Wireless Manager. Anytime, anywhere. Leveraging the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) infrastructure model, Wireless Manager provides centralized control and comprehensive monitoring of all your wireless access points and clients directly from the cloud.
With an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive dashboard, Business Central Wireless Manager is the optimum tool for wireless management for small to large enterprises, managed service providers, and organizations with single to multiple branch locations.


One View. Multiple Possibilities
Using a single portal dashboard, bring multiple sites, access points and users under one management umbrella within minutes. Manage wireless SSIDs, control applications being used on your network, and run bandwidth usage reports with a few clicks. Achieve full visibility of your network with real-time alerts to keep you in total control of evolving service needs from day one.

Wireless management in tune to your IT budget
Wireless Manager eliminates the need for onsite hardware based Wireless Controllers. The purchase, update, support renewal, and maintenance of a separate controller is not required. Reduce capital costs, achieve faster deployments and benefit from easy access to a range of configuration management and reporting tools. When needed, add extra capacity to suit - whilst maintaining a fully balanced and capable network.

Free time.

Try Wireless Manager free for 90 days. Getting started with Wireless Manager is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply sign up to a new account today to get free access for 90 days, select your compatible ProSAFE® Access Point(s) and upload cloud firmware (if required) and connect! There are no commitment or contracts to sign - allowing you to try before you buy. For your users, offer free and / or chargeable access. For service oriented organizations, Wireless Manager is perfect for delivering value based free Internet access for an hour as an example, after which users can take advantage of premium based fee paying services.

Your network is unique. Allowing it to grow, flex and change to meet evolving needs is fully supported with Wireless Manager. Manage single APs at a handful of sites, hundreds at one location, or manage thousands of APs across multiple sites. Following your trial, ongoing service can be activated through purchase of one or more token licenses from an authorized NETGEAR reseller. They can assist in helping you select the most appropriate license to suit your duration needs and number of APs deployed.


• Cloud managed APs
• Multiple SSIDs
• Business Central Admin user accounts and privileges


• Firmware updates; manually or fully automated
• Hotspots - free or fee based
• Guest Access
• Usage plans and policies

Establish Manage

• Traffic Bandwidth: Usage monitoring
• Global Network Map View
• Wi-fi Network Health
• MAC ACLs for secure access
• Licenses and renewals


Key Deployment

Centralized management of multiple branches deployment of large quantities for one or multiple customers

Common Management Ownership

End customer or Managed Service Provider

Number of access points

Upward of 200,000

Centralized Configuration


Multiple SSIDs, VLAN


RF planning before deployment

Based on external tool such as AirMagnet or a Remote Site Survey

Automatic channel allocation
  • Automatic channel distribution to minimize interferences
  • Auto-channel allocation taking into consideration of the environment, interferences, traffic load and neighboring AP
  • Modifiable list of corporate channels to be used
  • Scheduled mode for Auto-channel allocation
  • Automatic mode in case of high level of interferences available
Load Balancing
  • APs load monitoring and overloading prevention
  • Clients redirection to lightly loaded neighboring APs
Client Authentication


Limitation on number of clients per AP


Built-in AAA server, LDAP support

Yes (only cloud local database)

Captive portal with Guest management


Supported Access Points

WNDAP660, WNDAP350, WNDAP360, WNAP320, WNAP210v2,

Chargeable /free wifi hotspots
  • Click-Thru
  • Click-Throu with email
  • Cloud AAA
  • Voucher
Rogue AP detection
  • Rogue Access Points Reported
  • Rogue Access Points in same channel
  • Rogue Access Points in interfering channels
90 day free trial


Co-terminating licenses


Business Central Wireless Manager for managing 1 AP 3 years

Wireless Manager Deployment Flexibility
As a Cloud based service, Wireless Manager offers you an easier choice of how to establish, provision and manage your wifi network.
Choose to manage the network yourself, or consider a fully managed service route as provided by experienced and dedicated third party IT service providers.

Do It Yourself (DIY) or Outsourced?
Cloud based services delivery can offer multiple advantages over traditional DIY investment implementations. With the right Service Level Agreement"s (SLA’s) in place, hand over the management hassle and IT skills headache to a service partner to establish, provision and manage elements or the whole service on your behalf. Let them focus on the technology, whilst you focus on business outcomes rather than SSID configurations and firmware updates.
Either way, traditional DIY investments or the cloud offer respective and compelling advantages. With a diverse and extensive partner community, be sure to leverage a wealth of experience and skills to help you explore and discover which path makes sense for you.

When Cloud Wifi as an Outsourced Managed Service Solution might make more sense

You don’t want staff to be distracted with managing the wireless network, but focused on your raison d’etre
You would prefer to leverage the expertise and skills of an outside partner with agreed performance based SLA’s
You would prefer a concise, regular management summary report of the health of the network, rather than undertaking network monitoring, analysis and management of service parameters, metrics or alerts yourself
You have limited or no dedicated IT Skills or resources to manage a centralized wifi network
There may be a requirement for 24/7* support or a variance of standard business hours that can’t easily be staffed yourself (*Service Provider SLA dependent)
You don’t want to have the burden or headache of any implementation

When Cloud Wifi as DIY Managed Service Solution might make more sense

You want total control of all management, including monitoring, configurations and a transparent view of the network status.
You want to manage and vary your own service reporting parameters and metrics
You want to have full control over chargeable hotspots / guest access
Cloud fits with your budgets where an on premise controller and / or outsourced provision route may not


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