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 Pheenet WMS-208 Network Access Control Server Gateway (Authentic

Precio: 633.94EUR
Precio total: 767.06





Network Access Control ,(Authentication, Authorization, Accounting), W/ AP Management for 12 Aps

PheeNet WMS-208 is a Network Access Control Server Gateway with up to 12 AP Manager device, dedicatedly designed for SMB / SME to enable administrators to effectively manage different categories of users of wired LAN or Wireless LAN network.

In addition, with its Access Point (AP) management functions, administrators can discover, configure, update, and monitor all managed APs from a single secured interface, and from there, gain full control of entire wireless network.



Effective User Management
1. Simultaneous support for internal external user authentication options
2. Easy management of guest access to wireless network
3. Policy-based control approach enhances the management of multiple categories of users
4. On-line list monitors real-time status of each individual user
5. Provides detailed per-user traffic history log for analysis and record keeping

Centralized AP Management
1. Centralized remote control of managed APs avoids the need to individually configure each device
2. Automatic discovery of APs to identify and enroll managed APs to the device list
3. Remote status monitoring of managed APs and associated client stations ensures efficient network resource utilization
4. Provides system alarms and statistics reports on managed APs

Simplified Deployment and Administration
1. Ease of integration into existing wireless and wired network
2. No configuration change is required on client devices Customizable login portal page to control the authentication process
3. Ability to manage the entire wireless network from a single point

Comprehensive Security Features
1. Integrated user authentication based on industry standards
2. Authorized end-to-end communication for both wireless and wired networks
3. Standards-based encryption capabilities ensure data privacy to user’s device
4. Configurable packet filtering policies enhance the control of data traffic



  Software Features


  User Management

- Supports up to 120 concurrent users
- Provides 500 local accounts
- Provides 2,000 on-demand, instant accounts
- Simultaneous support for multiple authentication methods(Local and On-demand accounts, POP3(S), LDAP, RADIUS, NT Domain)
- Role-based and policy-based access control (per-role assignments based on Firewall policies, Routing, Login Schedule, Bandwidth)
- User Session Management:
(a) SSL protected login portal page
(b) Supports multiple logins with one single account
(c) Session idle timer
(d) Session/account expiration control
(e) Notification email to provide a hyperlink to login portal page
(f) Windows domain transparent login
(g) Configurable login time frame
Bandwidth Management by users
(h) Bandwidth Management by users

  AP Management

- Supports up to 12 manageable IEEE 802.11 compliant APs
- Centralized remote management via HTTP/SNMP interface
- Automatic discovery of managed APs and list of managed APs
- Allows administrators to add and delete APs from the device list
- Allows administrators to enable or disable managed APs
- Provides MAC Access Control List of client stations for each managed APs
- Locally maintained configuration profiles of managed APs
- Single UI for upgrading and restoring managed APs’ firmware
- System status monitoring of managed APs and associated client stations
- Automatic recovery of APs in case in case of system failure
- System alarms and status reports on managed APs
- Supports Monitor IP on third-party APs


- Supports Router, NAT mode
- Supports Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE on WAN interface
- Controllable LAN ports requiring authentication
- Supports IP Plug and Play(IP PnP)
- Built-in DHCP server and support for DHCP relay
- Supports NAT:
(a) IP/Port Destination Redirection
(b) DMZ Server Mapping
(c) Virtual Server Mapping
- Supports static route
- Supports Walled Garden(free surfing zone)
- Supports MAC Address Pass-Through
- Supports HTTP Proxy


- Supports data encryption: WEP(64/128-bit), WPA, WPA2
- Supports authentication: WPA-PSK, IEEE 802.11x(EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS, CHAP, PEAP)
- Supports VPN Pass-Through (IPSec and PPTP)
- Supports DoS attack protection
- Supports MAC Control List
- Supports user Black List
- Allows user identity plus MAC address authentication for local accounts

  Accounting and Billing

- Support for RADIUS accounting, RADIUS VSA(Vendor Specific Attributes)
- Built-in billing profiles for on-demand accounts by time(hour)and data volume(MB)
- Enables session expiration control for on-demand accounts by time(hour)and data volume(MB)
- Provides billing report on screen for on-demand accounts
- Detailed per-user traffic history based on time and data volume for both local and on-demand accounts
- Traffic history report in an automatic email to administrator

  Monitoring and Reporting

- Status monitoring of on-line users
- IP-based monitoring of network devices
- WAN connection failure alert
- Syslog support for diagnosing and troubleshooting
- User traffic history logging

  System Administration

- Multi-lingual, web-based management UI
- Customizable login and logout portal page
- SSH remote management
- Remote firmware upgrade
- NTP time synchronization
- Console management interface support
- Backup and restore of system configuration
- Support 2 WAN Fail-Over



  Hardware Platform

Intel IXP-425, 533MHz  


- WAN Ports : 2 x 10/100BASE-T RJ-45
- LAN Ports : 8 x 10/100BASE-T RJ-45
- Console Port : 1 x RJ-11


Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 45 ゚C
Storage Temperature : 0 ~ 65 ゚C


110~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz  

  LED Indicators

1 x Power, 2 x WAN, 8 x LAN  


243 mm(L) x 150 mm(W) x 45.5 mm (H)  


1.4 Kg  


Pheenet WMS-208 Network Access Control Server Gateway (Authentic

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