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 Planet WRT-415 Cost Effective 54Mbps 11g Wireless Broadband Router (w/4-port switch)

Precio: 27.96EUR
Precio total: 33.84



54Mbps Wireless Broadband Router

The PLANET WRT-415 is an 802.11g wireless router that supports highspeed
wireless network for home or SOHO users. The WRT-415 provides
speed up to 54 Mbps when it is used with other 802.11g products. The
standard of 802.11g is compatible with 802.11b products. There is no
need to change existing network in order to maintain connectivity. You
may have to sacrifice some of 802.11g"s performance when you use
802.11b and 802.11g devices in the same WLAN network, but you still can
keep the ability to communicate when you deployed the 802.11g standard
into 802.11b network.
The WRT-415 supports the most advanced secure features available today:
WPA/WPA2. WPA /WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) authorizes and identifies
users based on a secret key that changes automatically at a regular
interval. WPA/WPA2 uses TKIP or AES to change the temporal key
periodically. This insures much greater security than the standard WEP"s.
(By contrast, the older WEP encryption requires the keys to be changed

Key Feature:

Internet Access Features
• Shared Internet Access. All users in the LAN can access the Internet
through the WRT-415 and only use single external IP Address. The local
IP Addresses are hidden from external sources. This process is called NAT
(Network Address Translation).
• DSL & Cable Modem Support. The WRT-415 has a 10/100 Mbps
Ethernet port for connecting to DSL or Cable Modem. All main DSL and
Cable Modems are supported.
• PPPoE, PPTP, and L2TP Supported. The connection of Internet (WAN
port) supports PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet), PPTP (Peer-to-Peer Tunneling
Protocol), L2TP (Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol), as well as "Direct Connection"
type services.
• Fixed or Dynamic IP Address. On the Internet (WAN port) connection,
the WRT-415 supports both Dynamic IP Address (IP Address is allocated
on connection) and Fixed IP Address.
Advanced Internet Functions
• ACL list : Define the list of IP Address or MAC address to deny or allow
the LAN port users access the Internet.
• Special Internet Applications. Applications which use non-standard
connections or port numbers are normally blocked by the Firewall. The
ability to define and allow such applications is provided, to enable these
applications to be used normally.
• Virtual Servers. This feature allows Internet users to access to the
Internet servers on your LAN. The required setup is quick and easy.
• DMZ. One PC of your local LAN can be configured to allow unrestricted
2-way communication with Servers or individual users on the Internet.
This provides the ability to run programs which are incompatible with
• URL Blocking. Use the URL Blocking to block access to undesirable
Web sites by LAN users.
• Internet Access Log. See which Internet connections have been made.
• VPN pass-through Support. VPN (Virtual Private Networking)
connections which use PPTP and IPSec are transparently supported - no
configuration is required.

LAN Features
• Five Ethernet Ports. The WRT-415 has 5 Ethernet ports. One (the WAN
port) is connected to your DSL or Cable modem. The other 4 (the LAN
ports) are used to connect to your local LAN.
• DHCP Server Support. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
provides a dynamic IP address to PCs and other devices upon request.
The WRT-415 can act as a DHCP Server for devices on your local LAN
and WLAN.
Configuration & Management
• Easy Setup. Use your WEB browser from anywhere on the LAN for
• Remote Management. The WRT-415 can be managed from any PC on
your LAN. And, if the Internet connection exists, it can also (optionally)
be configured remotely via the Internet.
• UPnP Support. UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) allows automatic
discovery and configuration of the WRT-415. UPnP is by supported by
Windows ME / 2000 / XP / Windows Server 2003 or later.
• Upgrade of firmware can be easily downloaded in web browser.
Security Features
• WRT-415 supports two cipher types for WPA / WPA2 encryption:
TKIP and AES. The wireless stations must use the same chipper type to
build the connection.
• Password - Protected Configuration. Optional password protection is
provided to prevent unauthorized users to modify the configuration data
and settings.
• NAT Protection. An intrinsic side effect of NAT (Network Address
Translation) technology is allowing all LAN users to share a single IP
address. The location and even the existence of each PC are hidden.
From the external viewpoint, there is no network, but only a single
device - WRT-415.
• Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall. All incoming data packets are
monitored and all incoming server requests are filtered, thus it protects
your network from malicious attacks from external sources.

Planet WRT-415 Cost Effective 54Mbps 11g Wireless Broadband Router (w/4-port switch)

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