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 Cisco SMB PVC300-G5 Business PTZ Internet Camera with Audio and PoE

Precio: 560.25EUR
Precio total: 677.90


Cisco Small Business PVC300 Pan Tilt Optical Zoom Internet Camera

The Cisco Small Business PVC300 Pan Tilt Optical Zoom Internet Camera

The Cisco® Small Business PVC300 Pan Tilt Optical Zoom Internet Camera provides a feature-rich, highly flexible video solution for your business. It provides full pan, tilt, and optical zoom capabilities (Figure 1) to let you monitor any aspect of your business operations and virtually manage multiple sites from a central location. As an intelligent IP solution, the Cisco PVC300 also offers a wealth of advanced security, monitoring, and alerting capabilities that go far beyond what conventional closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems can provide. The Cisco Small Business PVC300 Internet camera lets you:

• Integrate alarms, door sensors, motion detectors, and other business and security systems into your video solution

• View live video of your business from anywhere, using an Internet-enabled PC or mobile phone

• Receive automatic alerts (including video clips or still images) whenever motion is detected on your premises after hours

• Locate specific dates, times, or incidents in your video archives in seconds, instead of having to manually pore over hours of analog video

• Easily and cost-effectively add new cameras, video storage, and security applications as your business evolves


None of these capabilities are possible with conventional CCTV systems that rely on analog video technology and proprietary, self-contained networks. The Cisco PVC300 Internet camera delivers all of them over the IP network you already have in place. With complete video monitoring and management software included, the Cisco PVC300 provides a complete state-of-the-art video solution, at a price small businesses can afford.

Features and Benefits

The Cisco Small Business PVC300 Pan Tilt Optical Zoom Internet Camera provides:

Optimal camera control: The Cisco PVC300 features 2.6x optical zoom and a Sony progressive-scan charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor that provides exceptional image quality even in low light. With full pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, you can remotely monitor your business from virtually any angle, providing a cost-effective alternative to deploying multiple fixed cameras.

Remote accessibility: With an IP surveillance solution, you can access real-time video from any Internet-connected PC or mobile phone, and virtually manage your business"s security and operational efficiency from anywhere.

Advanced application support: The Cisco PVC300 features an integrated speaker output and microphone for two-way audio, as well as input/output ports to support a variety of applications. You can link your PVC300 video surveillance system with door sensors, motion sensors, alarms, lighting systems, phone systems, or virtually any other business system.

Easy installation: The Cisco PVC300 includes easy-to-install ceiling brackets and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support, so you can power and control the camera with a single cable. The intuitive graphical user interface in the included video software makes it easy to deploy cameras and sensor systems and set up intelligent alerts.

Included video monitoring software: Other IP surveillance systems require separate video monitoring software that can cost as much as $1500. The Cisco PVC300 includes a complete monitoring suite at no extra cost that lets you easily configure and control up to 16 cameras.

A complete surveillance solution: The Cisco PVC300 is part of a growing family of IP surveillance cameras designed as a fully integrated component of your Cisco Small Business network. With a full portfolio of small business routing and switching, data storage, and telephony technologies, Cisco can provide a comprehensive video, voice, and data solution for your business.

Product Specifications

Table 1 gives the features and specifications of the Cisco Small Business PVC300 Internet camera.

Table 1. Cisco PVC300 Features and Specifications


• Pan, tilt, zoom camera with 2.6x optical zoom
• IPv6 support, Samba client
• 1/4-inch, progressive-scan CCD sensor delivers high-quality video
• Low light sensitivity with high-quality lens and sensor
• Audio input/output for external microphone and/or speaker
• I/O ports facilitate alarm triggers, power lights on/off, etc.
• PoE allows for flexible installation
• Dual codecs (MPEG-4 and MJPEG) supported simultaneously
• IP multicast support
• Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) video/audio streaming to unicast and multicast clients
• 4x digital zoom and 2.6x optical zoom
• Third-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) allows viewing of video on a mobile device
• Motion detection with event notifications to an email
• Account or alarm log in the monitoring software
• JPEG snapshots at multiple resolutions that can be sent to an FTP server
• Real-Time video recording from the Web interface directly with one button recording
• PC-less event recording directly to Network Attached Storage via integrated Samba client



IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.1p (QoS priority), IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

Protocols supported

TCP/IP, HTTP, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), FTP, Network Time Protocol (NTP), Domain Name System (DNS), Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), Real-Time Protocol (RTP), Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), Dynamic DNS (DDNS), dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Bonjour


Ethernet w/PoE, Microphone IN, Speaker OUT, Power (12V, 1A), general-purpose I/O



Cabling type

Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Category 5


Power, Network

Camera type

Pan, tilt, zoom with 2.6x optical zoom

I/O ports

1 input control (2 pins) and 1 output control (2 pins)



1/4-in. Sony progressive CCD sensor


1 lux at F1.9

Lens type

2.8 to 7.3-mm fixed iris

Focal length

0.6 m ~ infinity


-175 to +175 degrees


-35 to 90 degrees


2.6x optical zoom

Field of view

Horizontal: 73.4 to 28.7 degrees; vertical: 54.7 to 21.6 degrees

Video resolution

640 x 480 (Video Graphics Array [VGA]), 320 x 240 (Quarter VGA [QVGA]), 160 x 120 (Quarter-QVGA [QQVGA])

Frame rate

1 to 30 frames per second (fps) (selectable)

Setup, Configuration, and Management

Web user interface

Built-in web user interface for easy browser-based configuration (HTTP)

Web browser

Internet Explorer version 5 or later with ActiveX support for viewing, recording, playback, and setting motion detection. Limited support for Safari and Firefox (no motion detection).

Event logging


Web firmware upgrade

Firmware upgradable through web browser

Installation Wizard

Windows application for discovery and configuration of cameras


Dual codec

MPEG-4 simple profile, MJPEG, and simultaneous dual-stream





Image settings

Brightness, Auto White Balance, Hue, and Saturation


4x digital zoom

Video controls

Auto white-balance (AWB), auto-exposure (AE), Auto-Focus (AF)

Image control

Select video by quality, bandwidth, frame rate, variable bit rate, and constant bit rate


3GPP for use with 3G phones

Included Video Monitoring System Software (SWVMS16)

Monitoring/recording software

• Monitoring, recording, and playback for up to 16 cameras
• Advanced search histogram or by time and date
• Recording set up to record by motion trigger, manual, or schedule



• 2-way audio, built-in microphone: 6 mm, -40 db + 3 db
• Microphone input: 3.5-mm phone jack
• Speaker output: 3.5-mm phone jack


G.726: 16 Kb; G.711: A-law and μ-law AAC, and GSM-AMR

Sampling rate

8 kHz

Default bit rate

16 Kbps


Motion detection

4 detection areas with individual sensitivity

Email alert

3 email addresses

FTP uploading

FTP server address and login settings


Schedule by day or time


Inputs 1, motion detection


Outputs 1, messaging, email, FTP


User list

User rights list to view video and/or control camera functions; Multi-level permissions (Administrator, Operator, and Viewer)


Login authentication



Allow auto-discovery of the camera by other Bonjour devices


RTP and RTSP allow for viewing from any client that supports these protocols, such as 3G phones or QuickTime clients


NTP keeps time of camera in sync with your network


SMTP client allows video clips to be emailed


FTP client facilitates scheduling transfer of images to an FTP server


DDNS facilitates accessing the camera by name, regardless of the camera"s IP address


Allows auto-discovery of the camera by other UPnP devices

IP filtering

Allow or disallow access by IP address


Allow for next-generation IP addressing

Samba client

Increased compatibility with NetBIOS over TCP/IP, SMB, CIFS, etc.


Power options

IEEE 802.3af PoE: 48V/0.3A

Power consumption




5.65 x 6.19 x 5.47 in. (143.5 x 157.1 x 139 mm)


1.15 lb (0.68 kg)


External power adapter 12 V DC 1A 110~120V AC/ 60 Hz switching or PoE 48V/0.3A


FCC Part 15C Class B, CE, UL, EMC/EMI Part 15B Class B for U.S.

Operating temperature

0° to 115°F (0° to 50°C)

Storage temperature

-2° to 130°F (-10° to 60°C)

Operating humidity

20% to 85%, noncondensing

Storage humidity

0% to 90%, noncondensing

Package Contents

• Cisco Small Business PVC300 Pan Tilt Optical Zoom Internet Camera
• Ceiling mount brackets
• Power supply (12V 1A)
• 6-foot Ethernet cable
• Quick installation guide
• CD including setup wizard and user guide

Minimum Requirements

• Wired Ethernet network
• Network adapter with Ethernet network cable and TCP/IP installed per PC
• Switch/router to support multiple connection points
• Internet Explorer version 5 or later with ActiveX support for viewing. (Limited support for Safari and Firefox.)
• 2-GHz Pentium 4, or AMD Athlon Class CPU with 512 MB RAM
• 128-MB AGP video adapter
• Windows XP/Vista required for Installation Wizard
Cisco SMB PVC300-G5 Business PTZ Internet Camera with Audio and PoE

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