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 Tenda TEG3324-2XG 8 *10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet Ports,16 *1000Base-X SFP Ports, 2 *10G XFP Ports,Up to 12 Aggregation groups, ea

Precio: 1,048.13EUR
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TEG3324-2XG 10 Gigabit Managed Switch

What It Does

Purposely built for making enterprise networks and SMB networks 10 Gigabit capable, this L2 10GE non-blocking switch delivers best-in-class hardware and software features. The switch provides 2 10GE ports and 16 Gigabit fiber ports, which makes highest port density and flexible port expansion for a 1U device. Together with comprehensive QoS policies and feature-rich VLAN capabilities, the switch hardware supports L2 full wire speed switching. Manage and maintain the switch from an easy-to-use Web GUI that can be used to configure all features with ease. The switch comes with a complete suite of security features and other advanced features to address diversified demands of enterprise, chain Internet bar, campus and data center networks with more robust security, higher quality of service and high availability.

Ultra Expandable

With emerging demands of growing speed, Gigabit deployment in equipment room is becoming a bottleneck for any network access layer and will finally be exhausted. 10 Gigabit is introduced to address this issue. It delivers 10 times the performance to meet the needs of virtualization, and aggregating Gigabit Ethernet access layer switches. The G3224-2XG switch provides 2 10GE XFP ports, scalable to deploy the core of a Gigabit aggregation network. Businesses can add switches to the existing network as their network expands or upgrade existing Gigabit network to 10GE bandwidth without making a big upfront investment at the beginning or extra expenditure later.The switch does its utmost to protect your investment.

High Port Density & Scalability

The G3324-2XG 10GE enhanced security switch comes with 8 10/100/1000M copper ports, 16 Gigabit SFP Fiber expansion slots and 2 10 Gigabit XFP Fiber expansion slots for flexible scalability. It can be deployed on a large aggregation network or the core of small and medium businesses’ growing networks that require both copper and fiber connectivity for seamless network distribution.
Enterprise-class Security
The switch features an IP-MAC-Port-VLAN Binding feature to help IT administrators locate user with ease and rapidity; The ARP attack detection feature generally discards spoofed ARP responses that are not found in the DHCP Snooping table or IP-MAC-Port-VLAN Binding table, securing your network from possible hackers and ARP spoofing. Internal DoS attack detection provides improved capability to globally defend against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Defend your network against MAC based attacks. With the switch, IT administrators can set MAC-based traffic limit or define the number of MAC addresses that a port can learn. They can also statically assign MAC addresses to a specific port or just let it learn MAC addresses by itself.

Enhanced Network Reliability

The Switch comes with AC and DC redundant power supply available as an option. Select AC or DC according to practical operating environment. "Smart" fan adds the reliability that a chassis switch provides, adjusting fan revolution according to the changing ambient temperature for best compatibility with operating environment. In addition to robust reliability at equipment level, the device features one-touch loopback prevention technology, allowing IT administrators to quickly locate loop on the network. STP/RSTP/MSTP ensures a stable network with remarkably improved fault-tolerance and redundant backup capabilities. Aggregation either dynamic or manual increases the link bandwidth and reliability effectively.

Diversified QoS Policies

The switch provides L2~L4 filtering and traffic flow classification based on source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, TCP/UDP port, protocol type and VLAN. Two flexible queue scheduling algorithms: SP and WRR allow IT administrators to customize QoS policies based on port and queue. Port mirroring helps to monitor egress and ingress traffic on specific ports. Flow control makes optimum and maximum utilization of available bandwidth resources
Feature-rich VLAN
Packed with a complete set of VLAN features: IEEE802.1Q VLAN, Port based VLAN, Voice VLAN and VLAN Q-in-Q, the switch can be deployed in various network environments, allowing IT administrators to customize diversified VLANs according to practical needs. In conjunction with support for VLAN VPN and VLAN mapping, deploying multi-layer switching networks in community, enterprise, or on campus and setting up VLANs are getting quicker and easier.

Superior Management & Ultra-easy Maintenance

The popular intuitive, Web-browser interface makes it a snap to monitor performance, configure ports, even set up port trunks, VLANs, and traffic prioritization, etc. Support for CLI, SNMP V1/V2/V3 and Telnet offer IT administrators more options to manage and maintain the device. Multilevel user access right and password protection ensures enhanced security. Port mirroring helps collect, track and monitor traffic. Ping test lets IT administrator monitor and diagnosticate network health with ease. Plus, loopback detection enables IT administrators to locate and analyze loops more easily and quickly.


Hardware Features
Switching Capacity 100Gbit/s
Packet Forwarding Rate 66Mpps
Management Port 1* Console Port
Physical Interfaces 8 *10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet Ports
16 *1000Base-X SFP Ports
2 *10G XFP Ports
Optional Module Single-port SFP Fiber Module
Single-port 10GE XFP Fiber Module
Power Module 100W (Output)
Input Power AC:100~240V;50/60Hz
Dimensions (mm) 440*380*44 (L×W×H)
Weight <8KG
Power Consumption (Full Load) <60W
Operating Temperature 0~45℃
Operating Humidity 10%~95% (Non-condensing)
Switching Mode Store & Forward
MAC Address Table 16K MAC
MAC Address Learning Limit
Port Features IEEE 802.3x flow control (Full Duplex)
Broadcast Control based on port rate
Port Aggregation LACP
Manual Aggregation
Up to 12 Aggregation groups, each supporting up to 16 GE ports
Loopback Prevention
VLAN Port-based VLAN (200)
Voice VLAN
VLAN Mapping
VLAN VPN (Q-in-Q) and selective QinQ
ACL L2(Layer 2)~L4(Layer 4)packet filter, filtering out packets based on source/destination MAC/IP address, TCP/UDP port, protocol type, VLAN and illegitimate frames
Time based ACL (ACL based on specific time period
DHCP DHCP Relay/Client/Server
DHCP Relay Option82
Multicast IGMP Snooping
Mirroring Port Mirroring (many to one)
Flow Mirroring
Security Features Multi-level user access rights and password protected
IEEE 802.1X authentication
ARP attack detect
Port Isolation
Management & Maintenance Upgradeable via XModem/FTP/ TFTP
CLI, Telnet, Console
SNMP v1/v2/v3, WEB based GUI
System logs, multilevel alerts, debug output
Remote maintenance via Telnet
Tenda TEG3324-2XG 8 *10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet Ports,16 *1000Base-X SFP Ports, 2 *10G XFP Ports,Up to 12 Aggregation groups, ea

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